Unleashing Your Team’s Creative Genius to
Generate Powerful, Strategic New Ideas
and Profitable Business Growth


No Great Ideas For New Product Innovation? Stop Wasting Time and Money – Start Developing Exciting New Ideas and Business Strategies That Deliver Innovation ROI!

Some innovation companies charge well over $100,000 for time-consuming methodologies that deliver lack-luster ideas for new product innovation. This can leave you feeling like you’ve received a very minimal return on your investment.

This is why we have developed the Collision Point™ creative process – to do one thing and one thing only – get ROI for your innovative business solutions through a Return on INSIGHTS.

We created Collision Point™ to address some of the biggest challenges facing our clients:

  • Settling for incremental product improvements that the consumer is not interested in which leads to low research scores – or worse, low sales and product failure at retail
  • Being discouraged by product innovation, brainstorming, or ideation projects that seem to recycle the same old unexciting new product ideas
  • Spending a lot of money on upfront market research and not doing anything with the information because they are unsure how to translate those insights into actionable new product ideas
  • Not having enough time to synthesize all the market research data their colleagues have provided in order to figure out a strategy for innovating their brand or business
  • Believing that anyone can write a new product concept for research testing – and wondering why new product ideas are continually getting low research scores and not generating unique and exciting business solutions
  • Constantly playing catch-up to their competitors who are more aggressive at launching new products which typically results in “me-too” ideas and a no-win price war at shelf
  • Feeling like their creativity and the creativity of their team is tapped out and not generating revenue-building business solutions

If you can relate to any of these business issues and want to put these business challenges behind you, then isn’t it time you partner with Innovation ROI for dynamic business solutions that give you a competitive advantage?

Every project worth its salt should be designed to deliver a return on investment in the form of a return on insights (ROI). Insights inspire and greatly impact the creation of new ideas and strategies. They are the key foundational elements in the creative process acting as the innovation igniters for developing exciting, sales-generating new products (and services) that rock the market.

Yet insights alone don’t guarantee success.

Our clients understand the need to work in a highly collaborative manner that involves diverse creative thinkers as well as stakeholders who understand all aspects of the challenge for true product innovation. Only then can the creative new product development process ignite through a series of creative Collision Points™ that generate a portfolio of fresh new product ideas and services that provide a return on investment – both in research and at shelf.

Wouldn’t you like to find the perfect balance of strategic business marketing, marketing research and creative thinking to successfully tackle your business issues?

Then you need a strategic innovation partner who:

  • Can see your business through fresh, innovative eyes
  • Can optimize past research reports and uncover overlooked, abandoned, or forgotten consumer insights
  • Has the experience to transform these insights into new creative product and services ideas that fuel customer demand
  • Has the creative toolbox to energize your team to think BIG, problem solving to outsmart your competitors
  • Has written thousands of new product concepts using the “consumer voice” so they are clear, concise and appealing for optimal testing and higher than average research scores

Let’s get started with your new product innovation. We hope you will:

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