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Market Research


Are you on an innovation quest, looking for successful new ideas to grow your business?

  • Upfront Market Research and Innovation strategy
  • Providing experienced, collaborative team leadership
  • Innovation services to improve your team’s performance  

How We Do it

  • We utilize a unique discovery approach to ensure your innovation success.
  • We dig deep to uncover key insights that will drive new ideas and competitive advantage
  • Lean, flexible approaches to qualitative market research and social media mining.
  • 25+ years of experience in strategic marketing, innovation, and market research


Let’s get started with your new product innovation!

Innovation Services

  • Collision Point™ Brainstorming Sessions – Super-productive brainstorming sessions that create exciting, business solutions that excite you and your customers and achieve ROI.
  • Idea Safari™ – Energize your team with a budget-minded, fresh approach to brainstorming that will flood your innovation pipeline with exciting ideas from the very first observation.
  • Meeting Facilitation – Utilize an experienced business leader that can masterfully orchestrate a productive meeting while handling the egos and personal agendas in the room.
  • e-Merge® Concept Writing – Strong concept writing is a critical step often overlooked in the upfront innovation process. Innovation ROI is expert in identifying the key potential of your ideas and helping them become top–scoring marketable concepts.

Market Research Services

  • Focus Group Moderator – The quality and depth of data in any given research study is dependent solely on the moderator. The best moderator will be a hybrid – an experienced research and marketing strategist that understands the role of the specific research project within the innovation initiative.
  • Ethnography –  In-home or shop-along research is conducted to observe and listen. The goal is to see people’s behavior on their terms, not ours. People often can’t articulate what they’re looking for in products or services or how they are evaluating products at shelf. Most appear content with the current market offerings, not even realizing their behaviors.
  • Customer Journey Maps – Customer journey maps are one of the most critical marketing items to have in your brand toolbox. This step-by-step infographic mapping covers all stages of the product or service purchase cycle. This comprehensive tool provides the current “state of your brand” through the shopper’s perspective, detailing a full understanding of the key triggers, decision points and overall purchase experience at various touch points by your target customer.

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