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Sandie Glass


Your Innovation Consulting Team | InnovationROI

Each innovation project team is customized for your specific challenge from our vast pool of professionals and industry experts as well as consumer resources. Our network offers diverse skill sets, varied areas of expertise, and a defined range of talent levels to bring the right mix of unique perspectives for strategic and creative thinking to your session. And our multi-disciplined focus throughout the process creates synergy and cuts timelines by more than 50 percent! InnovationROI is a top sought-after innovation consulting firm, with all projects led by the innovation expertise of Sandie Glass.

A self-described “creative catalyst,” Sandie has designed, facilitated, and participated in well over 500 ideation sessions in her 18 years as an innovation consulting expert. Bringing energy and enthusiasm to projects, her methods prompt increased creativity to develop vibrant and viable solutions to new business and product challenges.

With backgrounds in both the “creative world and the real world,” Sandie’s brand experience includes work for Procter & Gamble, as well as considerable ideation work with Eureka! Ranch for Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Disney, AT&T, American Express, and M&M/Mars. Sandie has personally been involved in the conception of many products currently in the marketplace, including Biore, Jif Smooth Sensations, Fruja, Berry Burst Cheerios, 7Up PLUS, and Pillsbury Perfect Portions.

Sandie graduated from Miami University of Ohio, has advanced training from the Creative Problem Solving Institute, and is a certified bartender (mixologist). She was also facilitator/moderator trained for research-specific projects at the Burke Institute. Sandie is married with 2 grown daughters — plus a son-in-law this past July. She enjoys spending time with her “furry friends.” She has been certified as a scuba diver and is passionate about exploring Caribbean beaches and undersea worlds. View my LinkedIn Profile.

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Founder & CEO

Innovation Expert, Strategist, Facilitator, & Researcher

Plus Our Endless Network of Innovation Partners & Creative Catalysts Customized for Your Project Success

  • Marketing Strategists/Brand Management Professionals
  • R&D Specialists
  • Consumer Insights/Research Managers
  • Agency and PR Professionals
  • Sales Experts
  • Merchandising Experts
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Consumer Creatives
  • Graphic/Structural Designers
  • Strategic Illustrators
  • Subject Matter Experts like Nutritionists, Psychiatrists, Dentists, Doctors, Physical Therapists, Physical Trainers, and other Health Professionals
  • Actors, Writers, Artists, Musicians, Bartenders, Baristas, etc.

Let’s get started with your new product innovation.

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