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Offering Innovation Consulting and Market Research Solutions

InnovationROI is an innovation consulting and market research company with a primary focus on consumer-packaged goods. By using a unique discovery approach, we can help ensure your success and dig deep to uncover critical insights that will drive new ideas. Turn to us to give your business a competitive edge in the marketplace.

What We Do

For more than 25 years, we have provided strategic marketing, innovation, and market research to our clients. Our lean, flexible approach to qualitative market research and social media mining provides rich new insights that enhance your team’s brainstorming performance and dramatically improves the growth potential of your brand.

We are always searching for successful new ideas with upfront market research and revolutionary strategies. Our team is excited to deliver new and creative solutions to our clients. Contact us today to get started.

Our Mission

Our goal is to unleash your team’s creative genius to generate robust, strategic new ideas and profitable business growth.

Innovation Services

  • Collision Point™ Brainstorming Sessions

    Excite your customers and achieve a return on investment (ROI) through our productive brainstorming sessions that create groundbreaking business solutions.

  • Idea Safari™

    Energize your team with a fresh, budget-minded approach to brainstorming that will flood your innovation pipeline with exciting ideas from the very first observation.

  • Meeting Facilitation

    Work with an experienced business leader who can masterfully orchestrate a productive meeting while managing all the egos and personal agendas in the room.

  • e-Merge® Concept Writing

    Strong concept writing is a critical step often overlooked in the upfront innovation process. We are experts in identifying the key potential of your ideas and helping them become outstanding marketable concepts.

Market Research Services

  • Focus Group Moderator

    Our company excels in both top-notch moderating skills and strategic thinking expertise for focus groups.

  • Ethnography

    We conduct in-home or shop-along research to observe and listen to your consumers. This service allows you to watch how shoppers navigate a store or an aisle, uncovering how they decide on a particular brand or sub-brand to purchase.

  • Customer Journey Maps

    This comprehensive tool provides the current state of your brand through the shopper’s perspective. It details a full understanding of the key triggers, decision points, and overall purchase experience at various touchpoints by your target customer.

Promoting Revolutionary Ideas

Our innovation strategy team is waiting to create new and revolutionary business ideas for you. We thrive on challenges and customize our approach to stimulate your team’s creative talents. Our process translates untapped consumer insights as well as business and social trends into exciting new ideas, products, services, or strategies that your customers cannot live without.

Fresh new strategies and business solutions await you through our innovative methods. Contact us today to generate groundbreaking ideas for your company.

Contact Us

Send us an email or give us a call now to get our innovation strategy team engaged and your new business ideas started!

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