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FEAR of success

Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

A Strategic Full Service Ideation & Research Company

I confess, I’m a list person – I have my to-do lists for home projects, personal errands, client projects, business-building ideas, and even a list for my personal goals.  Needless to say, many of those personal goals or less-defined projects seem to continually get pushed to the back-burner.  Not because they aren’t important, just because I seem to have no time to focus on them or no discretionary money to put my plans in place.  Is that really true, or is that the “out” I’ve been giving myself?

FEAR of Success

After some personal analysis, I realize there are games we play with ourselves to justify not getting something done.  My priority is client work and rightly so.  If I’m not working on a tight client deadline, I tend to procrastinate on other projects.  Is the solution as simple as just setting a deadline?  Maybe, but I think some of it has to do with the FEAR of failure or even the FEAR of success.

Self-doubt is a powerful negative force that seems to find its way into our minds. When self-doubt sets in, we tend to be content with the status quo – not putting ourselves on the line for the potential of a higher reward or greater good.  It’s that FEAR of failure or success that seems to hold us back.

The key to conquering this FEAR is to collaborate with others.  Alone, we can let FEAR manifest until it becomes absolutely stifling, but with others, we become unstoppable!  Working together in a mastermind group or by finding a few mentors can create a powerful counter-force of confidence and courage. Something magical happens when you are honest and true to yourself, and in front of others, confess your personal or professional goals while asking for their help to get you there.  Putting it out into the universe becomes both a conscious and subconscious “declaration” that puts things in motion. It also will make you accountable to others in the group to help you stick to an action plan with deadlines.  This synergy creates an invisible force field against FEAR, giving you the momentum and excitement to actually accomplish something greater than you originally imagined.

Fighting FEAR through collaboration is a chapter topic of mine (Chapter 9-pg. 64) in the recently released book How The Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets of Succeeding in Challenging TimesIt’s a collection of essays that provides tips and tools to overcome the FEAR that keeps many of us from realizing our greatest potential.

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