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Are you having trouble finding new ideas and approaches to growing your business? Our A-Z blog posts are designed to give you 26 creative ways to find innovation inspiration to help move you forward. Yes, finding inspiration is as simple as flipping the pages of a dictionary to get you closer to finding that “home run” idea that will move the “dial” on your bottom line profits.

We are now up to the letter “U” in our Creative Thinking Made Easy: 26 Ways to find Innovation Inspiration from A-Z” book series.


“U is for Upside Down” /Upside Down Marketing – and what an interesting one it is! UPSIDE DOWN reminds me of my childhood, hanging from the monkey bars stretching out our arms as far as we could reach, trying to touch the ground. Or that special time I spent in the kitchen with my Aunt Lucille, watching her make a pineapple UPSIDE DOWN cake for a holiday dinner. What images pop into your head when you hear the words UPSIDE DOWN? Be sure to write them down because there is power in the associations it will create. Let’s take a closer look at UPSIDE DOWN right now.


UPSIDE DOWN is defined as:
• With the upper part undermost so that the upper or right side is down
• In or into complete disorder
• Topsy-turvy

When thinking about UPSIDE DOWN Marketing,there seems be several emotions and adjectives that pop up – like excitement, mystery, and even confusion. Probably because it’s so unusual, and definitely not your typical water cooler conversation:) But when I think of bats hanging UPSIDE DOWN there is an eerie, spooky mystery to these animals. Why do they sleep like that anyway? And what about the adrenaline rush and squeals of delight you hear when you’re on a roller coaster and get flipped UPSIDE DOWN going around a 360o loop? Amusement parks make a big business out of providing this kind of excitement to the public. And then there’s the juxtaposition of seeing something UPSIDE DOWN – maybe because it’s just not supposed to be –that makes you stop, take notice, and try to understand what you’ve just seen.

As unusual as UPSIDE DOWN is, I do have a few examples of companies or brands that are using it creatively.


– Dairy Queen® – This popular soft-serve ice cream franchise is the home of the Blizzard, a soft-serve ice cream mechanically blended with mix-in ingredients like pieces of cookies or candy. Introduced in 1985, it has a loyal following and is known for serving super-thick shakes where the spoon stands up on its own. Rumor has it that its origins were inspired by the thick St. Louis concrete:) This point of differentiation is reinforced by serving the Blizzard to customers UPSIDE DOWN. It’s become a part of the DQ culture and continues to amaze and delight its customers when served this way.



– Heinz® Ketchup – Remember the good old days when we had to pound the bottom of the bottle, or insert a knife into the neck of the bottle to get the ketchup to come out? Those days are a faded memory with the introduction of the first inverted squeeze bottle in 2002. Someone actually figured out how to store and dispense ketchup UPSIDE DOWN. Now it’s faster, easier, and less messy to get the perfect amount of ketchup on your burger or your fries – a customer’s dream come true!


– Topsy Turvy® – This is an example of turning UPSIDE DOWN into a totally new business! The makers of Topsy Turvy® have completely turned all the negatives of having your own vegetable garden UPSIDE DOWN by making it easier to water, store, and avoid pesky bugs and fungus by keeping it off the ground. It’s the ultimate vegetable garden solution growing tomatoes faster and bigger than before.


So let’s take a look at your business. How can we incorporate UPSIDE DOWN? Can it be a differentiator for a customer experience, can it solve a product problem, or can you create a totally new business? Yes, UPSIDE DOWN is a bit of a stretch, but if you take some time and kick it around, you may just find an interesting way to grow your business and increase revenues. And THAT’s what these creative innovation tips are all about – ROI!
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