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Idea Safari™

Uncover consumer insights and create ideas at the first moment of truth

Idea Safari™ / Shop Along Surveys takes you out of your office and away from your traditional brainstorming routine so you can see consumer insights with fresh, “new” eyes.  This unique 1-day process stimulates your senses to uncover new consumer insights and begin creating ideas  from the very first observation.

Shop Along Surveys

Shop Along Surveys  Eliminate Routine Blindness

We all know that business needs new ideas to survive and brainstorming is truly one of the best methods for generating ideas.  But sometimes even the best things can be overdone, creating a comfortable routine that prevents us from truly seeing the world around us.  The result is often repeat ideas from past sessions or lackluster ideas that have no chance of moving forward.

See NEW Ideas and Possibilities Right Before Your Eyes

Idea Safari™  Shop Along Surveys boosts the creative thinking process making it fresh, fun and highly productive – no matter how many times you’ve experienced it!  We take your team on a highly orchestrated, highly sensorial adventure that gets them out from the corporate cubicle and into a variety of stores and venues that they may never have shopped, dined or visited before to see new consumer insights, as well as technology and ingredient trends.

Create Successful Ideas From Richer Consumer Insights

Your team will personally experience sights, sounds, trends, technologies and much more, all through the consumer lens to formulate richer insights.  And richer insights – particularly richer consumer insights –  generate more exciting, strategically targeted ideas with incredible potential for success.

We guarantee that Idea Safari™ Shop Along Surveys will energize your team and their thinking, while creating internal champions who are critical to moving new ideas forward.  We know this process works because we’ve done it successfully many times for many clients in many different cities.  The training and team-building is priceless!

Are you ready to energize your team with a budget-minded, fresh approach that will flood your innovation pipeline with exciting ideas?  Make the call NOW and schedule an exciting day of consumer insights discovery!

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