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Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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We were running through the alphabet, and then BOOM, we stopped posting these creative tips. We apologize for the delay as we got a bit side-tracked with our rebranding efforts for Innovation ROI.

So now that we’re back on-track, let’s take a minute and be honest with each other. Has anyone even MISSED getting these creative tips, techniques and tricks that we’ve been giving you to help innovate your brands? Have they helped you with creative thinking and innovation efforts? If not, that’s ok – we’ll excuse you for being brain deadJ Just kidding around! But if you HAVE found them helpful, we’d LOVE to hear how you are using them, so please make sure you leave a comment below. And don’t forget, we want to provide great VALUE to you. So if you can’t seem to get anywhere using them, or you just have an innovation question to ask us, we are always here to help. Seriously. Just send us a quick email and we’ll build upon your initial thoughts or give you some quick inspiration to help get the creative juices flowing. There’s absolutely no obligation, just a trusted resource on the other end of the phone or email that wants to help. We truly want you to succeed in bringing new and exciting products and services to the world!

So sit tight, we have the rest of the alphabet to go and lots more to share with you! We are now up to the letter “R” in our Creative Thinking Made Easy: 26 Ways to find Innovation Inspiration from A-Z” series. “R” stands for RACY, so let’s start creating some great new ideas right now!

Sexy Innovation As A Creative Marketing Strategy

RACY is defined as “slightly improper or indelicate; suggestive; risqué,” “Vigorous; lively; spirited” or “having an agreeably peculiar taste or flavor, as wine, fruit, etc.”

Let’s face it – sex sells so shouldn’t we at least entertain the idea of sexy innovation into our marketing strategy? The fact is, it grabs attention and plays into one of our deepest human desires. So RACY could actually  be a good strategy if it can playfully fit into your brand personality.

Victoria’s Secret is an obvious example of a company playing this card. What could be RACIER than their catalogs – and their fashion show – featuring gorgeous women parading around in nothing but sexy bras and skimpy underwear! OK, you might be saying “well it’s easy for them because their business is lingerie.” But many other more mainstreams brands are using this sexy innovation tactic as well.

Key Examples of Sexy Innovation

–       PETA – The animal rights groups continues to push the boundaries of RACY – getting celebrities to bare it all – to promote their cause. Spokeswoman Ashley Byrne told the Herald Sun, “Our racier actions are sometimes a way to get people to sit up and pay attention to the plight of animals.”

–       AXE – Referred to as “The AXE Effect,” company ads show women tackling, licking, and chasing men once they doused themselves in AXE. This product gives hope to those romantically-challenged men wanting to be sexy and desirable.

–       I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter – Who could forget those “so horrible they’re funny” Fabio commercials? For those too young to remember, Fabio was a romance novel cover model (with an Italian accent) for some best-selling romance novels and the brand used this romance/sexual association to put this butter substitute brand on the map. Classic American advertising!

So how can you incorporate RACY into your brand personality? If it isn’t the right fit or the right message for your brand, that’s ok. It doesn’t work for everyone, and it’s not meant to. Look at all the pieces of your marketing mix before giving up on the idea of sexy innovation. There may be a “hint” of RACY that you could incorporate, but maybe not. Stretch your thinking beyond an advertising campaign, or the use of a spokesperson like Total Gym’s Christy Brinkley, or Go Daddy featuring Danicka Patrick.

You can find inspiration for RACY by looking at package structures in the perfume department. Many are removed from the boxes and on full display at the higher-end retailers. Each shape is depicting an emotion that complements the scent it contains. Intimacy and romance are the promise. Another category to check out is liquor and high-end chocolates. Sometimes they have RACY inspiration that can translate into a viable sexy innovation option for your brand.

And don’t forget about the prominent color used, or even the graphic design and textures used on the package.  Often the colors black and red have RACY associations. A “fish net” design pattern could subconsciously take you to fish net stockings. Or a package wrapped in silk fabric can conjure up other RACY emotions around silk bedding. Stretch your thinking or simply flip through women’s magazines for additional sexy innovation inspiration.

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