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Innovation Fear

Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

A Strategic Full Service Ideation & Research Company

Let’s talk about Innovation fear – Since the book launch of How The Fierce Handle Fear, many people have asked me what motivated me to participate as an author.  Honestly, there were several reasons, but I think this quote from Forbes/Out of this World blog seems to sum it up the best:


Osman Can Ozcanli

After working extensively with major corporations including Coca-Cola, Kohler, Mattel and Mercedes-Benz, innovation researcher Osman Can Ozcanli concluded that big companies are generally incapable of coming up with startling new ideas. There’s simply too much at stake for internal innovators to rock the boat, he writes, so companies should build relationships with third-party inventors capable of feeding bright ideas into the company without being bound by its corporate logic.


Innovation Fear


Corporate executives have too much at stake with new ideas – both personally and professionally. Being a champion of a big idea that fails in the marketplace can become a career-killer in the current corporate environment (although it shouldn’t be that way at all!).  In addition, a failed initiative does  NOT achieve the original goal of the project – which is to make money – and can be a bit of an embarrassment to the corporation as well as a red flag for stockholders.

For some companies, having a vendor as a scapegoat seems to be the more attractive reason to have a consultant, rather than what I believe is the bigger benefit – BETTER IDEAS WITH A BETTER CHANCE OF SUCCESS ON THE SHELF.  I know for a fact that experienced innovators who skillfully make the most of collaboration have a higher new products’ success rate than any other process out there. This is the process we have mastered at Sandstorm. And this is the win-win that everybody wants in the end, isn’t it?

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