Unleashing Your Team’s Creative Genius to
Generate Powerful, Strategic New Ideas
and Profitable Business Growth


meeting facilitationSandie Glass is a marketing and innovation strategist in Cincinnati Ohio that has mastered the art of meeting facilitation. She helps organizations unleash their team’s creative genius to generate powerful, strategic new ideas for profitable business growth.  She has 25+ years of experience helping top Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Disney, Procter & Gamble, AT&T, Tyson, Kroger, MasterCard, M&M/Mars and many others achieve amazing results for profitable growth and ROI.

Whether you plan to spend a half-day, full-day, or multiple days ideating, an external meeting facilitator is the only way to eliminate the egos, corporate politics and private agendas that can often derail meetings.

Adapting many proven techniques from the father of brainstorming, Alex Osborn, Sandie has created her own portfolio of fun, consumer-focused – and most importantly, wildly productive – methods for developing a portfolio of new, different and successful product and services ideas. These same creative methods can easily be adapted for ideation & creativity training, brand positioning, structural packaging, and merchandising display initiatives.

Ideation sessions are essential for creating new, viable ideas and strategies to build your business. And given the limited amount of time we actually have for “future thinking,” maximum productivity is essential. And there’s only one way to guarantee your results – hiring an experienced meeting facilitator with innovation expertise.

Key Insights Lead to Compelling Concepts

All ideation sessions begin with the consumer – getting inside their heads to understand what makes them tick and how they perceive your product or category, service or industry.  We dig deep to unlock the key drivers that excite consumers and motivate them to take action and BUY.  We also incorporate consumer interaction to get immediate reactions and feedback for idea optimization.

Better Ideas From Meticulous Planning + Expert Meeting Facilitation

The magic of a successful session lies in: 1) the planning and 2) expert facilitation that can be re-directed on a dime, and 3) the team that is assembled – specifically, diverse, multi-functional creative thinkers who have different backgrounds and experiences to draw from.  Together, this group will brainstorm ideas that go deeper and broader than the “low hanging fruit.”

This highly orchestrated day is fast-paced and full of high energy foods, up-beat music, interesting people and sensory exercises that keep your team’s interest and unleash their creative “juices” for inventing hundreds of business solutions.  And did we mention the brainstorming day is FUN and full of invaluable team-building? You’ll gain a team of Idea Champions whose ownership of the ideas will ensure they move successfully through each corporate stage gate.

Customized for Success with Meeting Facilitation

All exercises for the ideation are customized for your specific business challenge to meet any budget, any timing.  Sandie breaks down your challenge into “bite-sized” pieces so no task is overwhelming or lasts too long.  All ideas are measured against your success criteria at the end of the day to ensure you have a full and robust portfolio of relevant, business-building concepts moving forward.

Key questions to consider when choosing your next meeting facilitator

  • Is the meeting facilitator an external supplier/vendor?
  • Are they creative and focused?
  • Do they have extensive experience facilitating meetings with client teams?
  • Can they push the thinking of our team to generate bold, new ideas for business growth?
  • Do they engage the team prior to the meeting with pre-work and pre-reading to maximize the productivity of the meeting?
  • Do they leverage exercises for diverse thinking styles?
  • Do they have access to industry experts, creative thinkers, and subject-matter experts that can add value and fresh ideas to the meeting?
  • Do they offer research insight audits to maximize your past qualitative and quantitative data for use as ideation springboards?

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