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Marketing Fear Factor

Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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Marketing Fear Factor

Happy New Year!  Along with the New Year, comes the oftentimes dreaded tradition of New Year’s Resolutions.  When looking at YOUR list, how many items seem to be repeats from last year and the year before?  Are they truly goals that you want to accomplish, or are they specific projects to check off your list?

There are distinct differences in the types of things that you put on your list.  Goals are longer-term items that require a specific plan of attack and a time commitment of effort and energy on a continual basis.  An example would be losing 20-30 lbs., or lowering your cholesterol through diet and exercise.  Project lists, on the other hand, are typically quick items that require a short amount of focus, energy, or time to achieve.  An example would be reconnecting with long-lost friends, cleaning out the garage, or repainting the bedroom.

The majority of goals that never get achieved are due to plain old laziness and the lack of planning.  It’s only human nature to want to take a “magic pill” to lose those 20-30 lbs. in a few weeks, but the reality is if you never plan out how you’re going to do it (i.e., exercise 3-4 days a week, or eat 5 mini-meals versus 3 big meals a day), you are setting yourself up for failure.  You must create a plan and work your plan if you ever have a chance of achieving your goal.

Repeat Resolutions in regards to business goals are often the result of the “deer in the headlights” syndrome.  This happens when 2 opposing FEAR forces collide – FEAR of Failure and FEAR of Success.  When they collide, you get indecision and inaction.  Let me share some examples of when this could happen:

1. The Marketing Department is afraid of moving forward or internally championing New Product Ideas for the FEAR of career suicide if these ideas don’t succeed in the marketplace.  So, naturally, the ideas get put in the desk drawer after mediocre research results because it’s “easier” to do that then re-work or re-shape ideas to be successful.

2. You experience anxiety and anticipation when you step out of your comfort zone to hire a consultant for something like planning and facilitating an Ideation Session for FEAR that the worst will happen – a mediocre session where you will be judged and criticized by your team.

Although many of us want to be the successful “hero” at the office (for personal satisfaction, exposure to Senior Management, or promotion consideration), some FEAR that their success may result in an expectation from Management that reasonably can’t always be repeated.  The easy route is to hide behind doing a satisfactory job and not take a shot at creating business breakthroughs. I would like to encourage you to overcome your personal FEARS by being informed and doing your due-diligence prior to making business decisions to arm you for a successful outcome.   So pull up your bootstraps, write down your Resolutions, and let’s make 2011 the year to achieve total SUCCESS!

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