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Marketing Characteristics

Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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As part of a continuing series, Sandstorm will be providing tips on how to use the dictionary as inspiration for new product ideas.  Words are wonderful creativity tools – some are very active (verbs), others very descriptive and tactile (nouns and adjectives), and others can be interpreted in a more emotional way.

As the page opens to the B’s, Some Marketing Characteristics  I notice the word “Bumpy.” One definition is “an uneven surface; full of bumps.”  Another is “full of jolts; causing jolts.”  Other descriptors include “rocky, bumpy, unsmooth.”

 Marketing Characteristics

If your product was BUMPY, how would that make your product different? What benefit could it give consumers?  Would it perform differently?  Would it give your customer a different experience?  How would it change the look of your product?  Would it create interest and attention at the point of purchase? What emotions would a bumpy product or a bumpy surface connote?

Here’s an example of how we might transform a product with BUMPY characteristics into something interesting, unique, and experiential for the consumer :
  • A loaf of white bread would transform into a lumpy, bumpy Artisan Bread.  How does the consumer interpret Artisan breads?  This non-white, textured bread is seen as an enhancement to the flavor of a sandwich and is also seen as a healthier bread option for her family.
  • A bar of soap has the additional of bumps to transform it into a Massage Soap for your body.  How does the consumer view a Massage soap?  As a unique, more experiential bath experience that invigorates the skin for a great morning wake-up.
  • An ice cream with a lot of “bumpy” ingredients translates into Rocky Road Ice Cream.  How does this transform regular ice cream?  Into a unique, truly experiential taste experience that turns eating ice cream into more of an exciting or special event.

This will work in any category, just give it a try!  There are LOTS of ideas for BUMPY for each category, so let your imagination run wild and write them down as fast as you can!  Remember, you want to go for quantity first.  Then take a break and when you come back, start to evaluate your ideas.

Good luck – and keep creating!

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