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Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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When we talk to our clients about creating new product pipelines, the one thing they always request is more tips and inspiring ideas on how to create them. Well, here is another one to add to the list!
K is for “Keepsake.”
A KEEPSAKE is “anything kept, or given to be kept, as a token of friendship or affection” or a “remembrance.” Another definition is “souvenir, memento, token.”
Are you currently doing anything to make your product feel special to your customers? What would make it a KEEPSAKE or something to treasure?


The concept of KEEPSAKE seems to conjure up old-fashioned memories of grandma, particularly when she was thrilled to get a special homemade card that you made when you were little. I remember making a rudimentary clay ashtray for my mom that she actually used when I was little. (Yes, those were the days when smoking was considered a pastime of adults, not a health concern.) If you are a parent, you’ve probably kept some momentos from your own kids over the years.
The concept of KEEPSAKE continues to be in the forefront of all new product introductions in the perfume industry. Standard bottle shapes just won’t cut it in this decadent, luxury category. But you don’t have to be high-end to experience KEEPSAKE. Here are a few examples in our everyday lives:
• Altoids – The cough suppressant Sucrets began to use tins well before Altoids, but these special tins seem to stay around even when the product is gone. It just seems hard to toss something that durable in the trash.
• Winnie The Pooh Shampoo – The kids aisle is full of packages that double as toys, particularly for the bathtub. Winnie the Pooh Shampoo looked just like the Disney character and provided lots of fun playtime whether you were in the tub or not!
• Valentine’s Boxed Chocolates – Chocolate companies go to great lengths to provide special packaging around key holidays so the recipient knows how much they are loved and thought about. Whether it’s a special shape like a heart, or special materials like satin fabric or beaded treatments, these boxes are hard to part with when the chocolate is gone!
• Welch’s Jelly Jar Collectibles – I remember these from my childhood when Welch’s was a staple at my grandmother’s house. She collected all the Peanuts characters and many of the other collectible promotions they offered. She would make sure she served us our milk or juice in these special glasses – making us feel her special love.
• Sugar Factory Lollypops – If you follow the Kardashians, then you already know about these lollypops that add bling to your world! Buy a bedazzled lollypop stem and then buy the lollypop tops (that screw on to the stems) in assorted flavors, including non-alcoholic adult flavors. You’ll feel special and famous with every delicious lick!
Now think about your product line. What would happen if you made it special by adding a KEEPSAKE element? Would your consumers look at your product differently – in a good way? What added-value can you provide to generate interest and demand? Whether it is a collectible, a special package or shape, or a part of the product that can be kept for many uses, we are sure if you play around with this concept you’ll come up with several new ideas. Take some time right now and stretch your thinking – you may just surprise yourself with how many ideas you actually create!

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