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Marketing ConceptPost Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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We are continuing to move through the dictionary to find more creative sparks to get you thinking and innovating. Here is another great one to inspire your creativity.
J is for “Junior.” Marketing Concept- The definitions range from “younger” to “of lower rank or standing.” Another definition is “to be smaller than the usual size.”
The concept of JUNIOR immediately conjures up images of Mini-Me from Austin Powers or Paris Hilton’s latest fashion accessory, the purse dog (small dogs, often referred to as teacups, weighing no more than 5 pounds). But let’s take a closer look at this creative concept. Anything referred to as JUNIOR or MINI seems to bring about the emotion of sweet, cute, and adorable. Apparently our maternal compass goes wild thinking it is “baby-like” in some way, catching our attention, melting our hearts, and creating irresistible demand for the product.
We can find this concept in just about every product category. Here are some examples of companies using this creativity concept to explode their bottom line profits.
• Nike – They refer to this as the “take-down” strategy, making miniature versions of their adult shoes and clothing for babies, toddlers and children. Moms and Dads can’t resist dressing their own Mini-Me in the same brand of shoes and clothing that they wear. The spending cycle continues at a rapid rate because babies grow so quickly, giving Nike a nice long purchase cycle to bank on.

Marketing Concept

• Power Wheels – Miniature versions of adult vehicles like Jeep, 4-wheelers, and Volkswagen Beetles are powered by batteries so that youngsters can ride around their driveways and yards at minimal speeds. Great concept to keep the kids entertained – until the battery runs out of juice and the tears begin to fall!
• Mini Oreo – A bag of bite-sized Oreo cookies or the regular size? Smaller bites are perfect for smaller mouths – but it seems like adults like the smaller size too. Guess it makes snacking easier, plus it feels like we are eating less because they are smaller – yeah, right! Not when you consume the entire bag in one sitting!
• Children’s Tylenol – When it comes to over-the-counter remedies, the JUNIOR version not only has a much lower dosage, but an entirely new form. Children’s Tylenol modified their pain reliever dosage plus product form (liquid and chewable tablets) and corresponding taste (grape and cherry-flavored versions) so that kids would take their medicine in a safe and pleasant manner. Parents that have been using Tylenol themselves are more apt to feel good about giving the Children’s version to their own kids – plus it also helps that it is recommended by Pediatricians.
So when it comes to innovating your product line, what would happen if your product became a JUNIOR or a MINI? Would your consumers find a product like this fun, cute, and even useful? Look at this concept from all the angles to see what you can create – it just might surprise you!

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