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x-ray glasses

Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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We are now up to the letter “X” in our Creative Thinking Made Easy: 26 Ways to find Innovation Inspiration from A-Z” book series.


“X is for X-RAY.” This is a tricky one to incorporate into your marketing mix, but all of these innovation inspiration tips can’t all be easy! Let’s start exploring this word for clues on how we can innovate with X-RAY.


X-RAY is defined as:

  • Electromagnetic radiation of high energy and very short wavelength (between ultraviolet light and gamma rays) that is able to pass through many materials opaque to light
  • A photographic or digital image of the internal composition of something being passed through it and being absorbed to different degrees by different materials
  • To see through as in x-ray vision


The X-RAY definition we feel you’ll be most interested in exploring is the one around transparency. Think about these questions as innovation inspiration. Can an X-RAY approach towards the ingredients you are putting in your product win-over more customers? What about your product’s packaging? Is the product hiding inside, or are you using clear, X-RAY-like packaging and big ingredient messaging that shows your customers exactly what and how much of the product (or ingredients) they are getting?


Beyond that, what about the way your product is being produced? Customers don’t want to feel guilty about the products they buy. Shoppers increasingly expect big companies to address ethical and environmental concerns. According to NMI’s 2013 LOHAS Consumer Trends Database, almost 1/3 of consumers would abandon a brand if they learned it contained ingredients containing genetically modified ingredients (GMO’s) or grown with synthetic pesticides. In fact, the number of consumers who would stop buying the brand for either reason has increased by approximately 20% since last year! So this is yet another way to put X-RAY into your business practices.


Let’s check-out a few X-RAY examples for further innovation inspiration to see if this gives you any ideas on how to creatively innovate your product.



– Superman® – He’s definitely the Big Kahuna of the Super Hero Universe! Superman is famous for his X-RAY vision, but is there a way to bring either a superhero character or his X-RAY vision into your marketing mix? It just might be a clever way to broaden your target audience as well as build a ton of brand awareness. Superheroes rock and we’re sure you will be able to figure out a way to incorporate a character into your advertising campaign or in other components of your marketing mix.



– X-RAY Packaging – Who says X-RAY vision isn’t fun?! We were intrigued when we found this packaging. While it isn’t totally transparent, cleverly placed windows actually resemble a body X-RAY that would definitely make an impact at shelf and help the purchaser find the right pasta for purchase.



– Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes® – As a consumer, I personally love the format of the front panel featuring the informative top panel. This panel communicates the key benefit (Great Source of Vitamin D) as well as Calories per Serving, and Grams of the Key Ingredients without having to read through a small, sometimes confusing ingredient statement on the back of the package. It’s just like having X-RAY vision in order to make a smart purchase decision for your family.

We know that X-RAY is limiting, but we hope we provided some interesting ways to think about for incorporating X-RAY into your innovation efforts.

So what’s next? Just a few more innovation inspiration tips to go in this A-Z series we’ve been featuring. But for now, we encourage you to do one of three things: 1) Leave a comment at the bottom of this page so we know if we are providing helpful information to you, 2) Sign up for our FREE Report in the box at the upper right of the page and get on our subscriber’s list, and 3) Pick up the phone and give us a call. We WANT to help you succeed with your innovation efforts. Being stuck for answers can hold you back and we know there has to be something on your mind. How many people will give you their time for FREE to help you out – not many I assure you. Yes, we are unique and that’s what we want you to find out. We are committed to helping you grow your brand substantially through added-value products and services. That is what market leaders do, so let’s get started.

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