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We are continuing to move through the dictionary to find more creative sparks to get you thinking and innovating. Here is another great one to inspire your creativity. I is for “Inside-Out.” One definition is “with the inside portion on the outside.” Another is “wrong-side-out.”


It seems like INSIDE-OUT conjures up images of wind gusts and broken umbrellas. But let’s take the negatives out of the equation and focus on the positives for starters. Sometimes the ‘good stuff’ is found inside, so why not put that on the outside instead? Remember when it was fashionable to wear your clothes inside out? Some people still prefer to wear their sweatshirts inside out so the soft side is more touchable.
The outdoor category has been using INSIDE-OUT in a much different way – by bringing the indoors outside so it’s a more enjoyable experience. Cushiony furniture, beautiful and easy-to-light fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and unbreakable barware for partying have made entertaining outdoors a desirable thing to do.


has been used in the beauty industry as a key marketing message to convince consumers to spend money on skin moisturizers and anti-wrinkle creams. It only makes sense that by healing or correcting the internal flaws of the epidermis, it will lead to more beautiful, youthful skin, right?
But what about other interpretations of INSIDE-OUT? Here are a few examples to share:
• Junior Mints Inside Outs – The Inside Outs are a white chocolate shell with a dark chocolate minted cream filling. They’re not at all like Junior Mints, except for the fact that they’re junior sized and minty. Where a regular Junior Mint has semi-sweet chocolate and an oozy mint filling, the Inside Outs have no real chocolate taste.
• Bleulab Reversible Jeans – All of the Bluelab jeans are reversible. Designed to look and function as two pairs in one, each style is made with double-sided denim, two-way zippers, and a button closure. Each side is drastically different in color and/or texture. Light denim flips to deep indigo, and navy to slick black.
• Duro-Last Roofing Inc. – A pool liner company had always thought about “keeping water in.” But when changing their thinking to INSIDE-OUT, they discovered that if it keeps water in, it could also keep water out and they created a multi-million dollar commercial roofing product called Duro-Last.
So when it comes to innovating your product line, what would happen if your product was turned INSIDE-OUT? Would your consumers find a product like this fun, useful, different? Look at this concept from all the angles to see what you can create.

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