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Here is another great creative marketing spark to get your mind moving as we continue to use the dictionary as inspiration for new product ideas. Woohoo, it’s Monday, so let’s get started!
H is for “Half & Half.” One definition is “a mixture of two things, in equal or nearly equal proportions.” Another is “milk and light cream combined in equal parts” or “half one thing and half another.”
It seems like we hear about HALF & HALF marketing strategy only in the context of a coffee creamer, but many marketers are taking advantage of this concept in lots of other categories by referring to these products as DUOS, BLENDS, SWIRLS, or COMBOS. Foods that are HALF and HALF – whether it involves flavors or textures – are just more interesting to look at, and they even seem to taste better than their single-minded counterparts.
Fruit and vegetable producers are using this concept to invent new, interesting and flavorful varieties for the marketplace. You may have seen a few of these

Marketing Strategy

• Grapple – A Fuji or Gala apple that has been specially treated to make the flesh taste like a Concord grape.
• Tangelo – A citrus fruit that is a cross between a tangerine and a pomelo (a type of grapefruit). It’s the size of an orange with more of a tangerine taste. The bitter compounds of grapefruit have been bred out of it.
• Broccoflower – A cross between broccoli and cauliflower. It looks like a light green cauliflower and offers a milder, less bitter flavor than is found in either broccoli or cauliflower.
So when it comes to innovating your product line, how could your product get broken into halves? Is it half scrubber and half soft cloth? Is it half creamy and half crunchy? What about two benefits in one product – like a wipe that’s half window cleaner and half furniture wax?
Here are more products using the concept of HALF & HALF:
• Fruittella Licorice & Fruit – Bite-sized candies that are half licorice and half fruit flavored chews.
• Keebler® Town House® Flipsides™- Part cracker, part pretzel, they combine the versatility of a cracker with the taste of a pretzel.
• Pert Plus® – 2-1 Shampoo plus Conditioner in a formula that adds manageability, rinses clean and won’t build up.
As you begin to think about products you have in your home, or products you have seen in a store that are HALF & HALF, we are sure you will get your creative juices flowing with LOTS of great ideas!

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