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Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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We are continuing in our series of creativity tips based on using the dictionary as inspiration for new product ideas. Here’s another creative spark to get your mind moving. G is for “Green”


One definition is “to be environmentally sound or beneficial.” Another is “not fully developed or properly aged” or “to be made of green vegetables, as lettuce, spinach, endive, or chicory.”
It seems like we hear about GREEN all the time. In energy, homes, environmentally conscious companies reducing their carbon footprint, and brands taking on a GREEN mentality in their marketing mix, it has become a hot topic in the world today.

Authentically GREEN

These companies have been around for awhile, including Tom’s of Maine, Seventh Generation and Method to name just a few. But where do you start when you’ve never been GREEN before? Corporate giants like Walmart and Lowe’s are incorporating sustainability programs into the workplace. And Lowe’s has gone a step further by using GREEN certifications, like the Energy Star designation, on appliances, light bulbs, thermostats, and windows to positively impact consumers’ buying decisions.
Even traditionally ‘brown’ corporate brands are getting into the GREEN act through their packaging efforts. Here are some recent examples:
• Frito-Lay’s® SunChips – They introduced the first 100% recyclable chip bag – TWICE. Apparently we just want to be GREEN, not noisy and GREEN.
• Dansani’® – The PlantBottle® is made from up to 30% plant-based material that replaces some of the nonrenewable petroleum or fossil-based resources used in conventional PET plastic. Still designed to be 100% recyclable, it helps save our world’s precious resources.
• DELL – The computer giant has made some big steps in the area of sustainable packaging introducing bamboo based secondary packaging for some of its most popular computer products.
How could your brand become GREEN? Here’s a few thought-starters to get you thinking:
• How can you change your brand so it is actually good for the environment?
• How could you reduce or eliminate packaging from your product?
• What recycled materials would reinforce the benefit or performance of your product?
• If the color of your product was GREEN, what ingredients would be used, what flavor or scent would it have?

GREEN has so many different dimensions and perceptions to explore and can be an interesting prospect for any brand to pursue. This trend is strong and one that consumers believe in, so don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business.

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