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focus group services
Focus Group Services

Are you using the same moderator for focus group services over and over again and not getting the breakthrough insights you need to build your business? It is only human nature to fall into these ruts and take the easy path to get our projects done when we are extremely busy. Quite honestly, you are not doing your business any favors by falling into this comfort zone. Getting “comfortable” leads to complacency and that can lead to repeat results from previous research, no new business solutions or strategies and wasted budget dollars.



The Right Moderator for your Focus Group Can Maximize Insights and Business Solutions to Generate ROI

The quality and depth of data in any given research study is dependent solely on the moderator. That is why it is vitally important to take the time to s
elect the right focus group moderator to match their skills to the needs of the business. The best moderator will be a hybrid – a research strategist with marketing expertise that understands the role of the specific research project within the bigger picFocus Groupture of the initiative.This knowledge will impact not only the recommended research methodology, but respondent recruiting and discussion guide structure.

Your project deserves the best in both top-notch moderating skills and strategic thinking expertise for focus groups. Sandie Glass has a powerful combination of marketing, innovation and market research expertise that brings a strategic advantage to your initiative. Bringing energy, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial mindset to projects, her methods go deeper to uncover key consumer and business insights to develop vibrant and viable solutions to new business, product, and services challenges.

Sandie is Burke Institute trained provides focus group services is  based in Cincinnati Ohio she  has designed and moderated countless research projects in her 25+ year career. Sandie’s experience includes Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Disney, Procter & Gamble, Sanofi, AT&T, American Express, Tyson, Kroger and M&M/Mars to name a few. Sandie has personally been involved in the conception of many products in the marketplace, including Biore, Jif Smooth Sensations, Fruja, Berry Burst Cherrios, 7Up PLUS and Pillsbury Perfect Portions.

Why Sandie? Her Strategic Moderating Skills For Any Focus Group Services

There are many qualities and skills you should be looking for when hiring a strategic focus group moderator. Today’s business environment requires more experience and strategic thinking to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Strategic moderating skills for all focus group services are a necessity. Key skills that Sandie has mastered include:

  • A Curious Mind – A strategic moderator for focus groups  has a curious mind that doesn’t rest. It’s this ability to keep digging into the “Why?” to reveal those new exciting insights that will drive the business that motivates the moderator.
  • Excellent People Skills – Being friendly, kind, respectful and cordial to others so they are comfortable sharing their thoughts openly and honestly.
  • Framing Questions – The ability to ask open-ended questions and follow-up probes that lead to deeper insights and learning.
  • Exceptional Listening Skills – The keen ability to read between the lines of the conversation as well as observe body language will reveal the underlying meaning of responses.
  • Techniques That Encourage Participation – Having a toolbox of techniques and creative exercises available to help unleash new thoughts, ideas, and deeper discussion to uncover new insights.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability – Focus groups dynamics can be tricky and it may be necessary to change direction quickly. Discussions may very likely deviate from the guide (particularly with discovery research), taking you down new paths of learning.
  • Neutral & Objective – Putting aside personal bias and pre-conceived ideas of the outcome are key to objectively analyzing the information from a focus group.
  • Conceptual, Strategic Thinker – Uncovering the insights is just the beginning of the research. Sandie’s unique marketing, innovation and market research background helps the client team understand the implications of these insights and then translates them into business building ideas and solutions. This results in more effective utilization of research data, more efficient use of budget dollars, and faster initiative completion and to-market business strategies.
  • Broad Industry Experience – We believe a well-rounded research moderator that has experience in multiple industries can provide the most research value to a client. Industry-specific research moderators tend to have “tunnel vision” when it comes to recommendations and creating actionable next steps or new concepts. Exceptional focus group moderators will pick up industry language quickly.

Working With Sandie – Entrepreneurial, Creative Qualitative Research Approaches

While Sandie is experienced at uncovering the most from any research methodology, she prefers to structure more entrepreneurial, creative qualitative research that is less costly and less time-consuming, yet wildly effective at gaining insights. This is accomplished by taking advantage of new online research tools and creative techniques that are highly engaging and interactive for both the consumer and the client team. Each assignment is customized based on the project needs and objectives as well as the client comfort level for involvement.

Qualitative Focus Group Services experience includes, but not limited to:
  • Focus Groups, IDIs, Triads
  • Consumer Directs
  • Online Discussion Boards
  • In-home Ethnography
  • Shop-alongs
  • Insight Audits
  • Competitive Audits
  • Journals
  • Phone/online interviews/chats
  • Social Media Research
  • Other Mobile and Web-based platforms
  • Customer Journey Maps/Life maps
  • Mystery Shopping

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 e-mail : sandie@innovationroi.com

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