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Marketing Concepts

Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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Here is another Marketing Concepts for a creative spark to get your mind moving. We are continuing in our series of creativity tips based on using the dictionary as inspiration for new product ideas.
F is for “Fast.” One definition is “moving or able to move, operate, function, or take effect quickly.” Another is “done in comparatively little time or short time” or “characterized by hectic activity.”
We all lead busy lives and, more than likely, your target consumer has a busy life too. What Marketing Concepts features or benefits of your brand could be delivered FAST or FASTER than your competition? Pain relievers and other OTC products have developed “FAST-ACTING” formulations providing quick relief from headaches, arthritis, and skin irritations to name just a few. Baby Orajel® has taken FAST to a whole new level with the introduction of their INSTANT Teething Pain Reliever Swabs. OxiClean® offers FAST-Acting Stain Remover for Laundry. Even recent ads for Bayer Advanced Aspirin claim extra-strength pain relief, 2X FASTER. FAST has become a way of life in the food industry with Carnation® INSTANT Breakfast, Quaker® Quick 1-Minute Oats, microwave meals, not to mention our love for FAST FOOD restaurants. Even Rachel Ray started her celebrity chef empire creating dinners in 30-minutes or less.
If you’re struggling to find a feature or benefit that your brand can offer FAST, think about some of the other consumer touchpoints. What about packaging? Is your packaging slowing down your consumer from opening it and getting to your product quickly to enjoy it? I can’t tell you how many times I have been frustrated as a consumer with a product I bought in a clear, clamshell package. I have tried to open it with my bare hands, experiencing ‘mission impossible’ and resorted to grabbing a knife or scissors to get it open. It was definitely not a pretty sight, plus the added frustration created a dangerous situation with pointed objects. Don’t make it impossible for your consumer to get to your product – make it easy, experiential, and FAST. What type of structure or material would make sense to accomplish that?
How could your brand become more memorable by taking FAST action for a social cause or to help during a natural disaster? Here are a few examples of brand marketing concepts that have won the hearts and minds of consumers by getting involved and helping communities in need:


 F is for Fast! Marketing Concepts

• Dawn® Dishwashing Saving Wildlife- The Dawn website displays the phrase “1 Bottle = $1 To Save Wildlife,” while showing a map of the United States and how much each state has donated. Their two main organizations they’ve donated the $500,000 to is The International Bird Rescue Research Center and The Marine Mammal Center. With the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf, they took advantage of the power of Facebook to get people involved by starting a Fanpage called “Buy Dawn Dishwashing Soap and Help Save the Wildlife From the Oil Spill.”
• Tide® Loads of Hope – Started after Hurricane Katrina, this mobile laundry mat program recently headed to Joplin Missouri following the deadly tornado that hit this community.
FAST is an interesting prospect for any brand to consider – and one that consumers will always be interested in. Start creating your list for FAST – remember quantity first, then you can evaluate afterwards. Keep the ideas flowing!
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