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Here is another creative spark to get your mind moving. We are continuing in our series of creativity tips based on using the dictionary as inspiration for new product ideas.
E is for “Exaggerate.” One definition is “to magnify beyond the limits of truth.” Another is “to increase, enlarge, or inflate” or “to embellish or amplify.”



The good place to start is to look at the features and benefits of your brand. One by one, think about how you could transform your brand by amplifying or enlarging a feature or benefit of the brand. Some brands were introduced with just that in mind – take Altoids® for example, the curiously strong breath mint. Altoids® EXAGGERATED peppermint, formulating their lozenge many times stronger than ordinary mints. They have remained true to this premise with additional mint flavors as well as their Sours line extension.
Here are some other brands that have utilized the idea of EXAGGERATE in their marketing mix:
• Gain® Laundry Detergent – This laundry detergent was originally introduced as an enzyme-driven stain removal detergent, but in 1981 the brand was repositioned to capitalize on the fresh scent. The brand now stands for EXAGGERATED fragrance and scent-lovers have made it a billion-dollar brand for P&G.
• Energizer® Batteries – The long-lasting benefit of the batteries was EXAGGERATED in the TV commercial utilizing the Energizer Bunny which has become a symbol for the brand.
• Starbucks® – They transformed American’s one-dimensional coffee experience at home and office, into a multi-sensory Italian coffeehouse experience – a place for conversation with a sense of community. With an EXAGGERATED growth strategy, they have over 15,000 stores in 50 countries of the world.
• Evian® Spring Water – The raised relief on the packaging of the PET bottle EXAGGERATES the brand origins – from the heart of the Alps – reinforcing the purity of the water.
What are those features and benefits of your brand that could be EXAGGERATED? Look through your consumer research or the 800 calls that come in to define what features and benefits your customers absolutely love and want more of. What about packaging? Is your product small in size and getting lost on the shelf? What would happen if you amplified the package so consumers would take notice? What type of structure or material would make sense to accomplish that? How could your brand become more memorable by EXAGGERATING the benefit story in an ad or TV commercial?
Your possibilities for EXAGGERATE are endless! Keep your list going – quantity first, then you can evaluate afterwards. Keep the ideas flowing!

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