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Our trip through the dictionary to find creative thought-starters takes us to the letter D.
D is for “Dress-Up.” One definition is “a person’s best clothes.” Another is “accessories or other added features” or “to prepare by special processes.”
So how do we translate this into something new and different for your brand?
Let’s begin by thinking about it through the lens of “best clothes or best dressed.”



What are those occasions that you go to where you need to make sure your outfit or attire is at its best or even considered special? Occasions that come to my mind are weddings, first-dates, birthdays and holiday parties like Christmas or New Year’s Eve. If your product was dressed for a wedding – all in white, or wearing a tuxedo, what could be added to your product to align with that type of occasion, or what feature or benefit could be capitalized on to enhance the usage occasion of your brand, or even the brand experience? Could you capitalize on those seasonal “special occasions” throughout the year to bring new life or interest to your product? Go beyond just thoughts regarding the packaging, what about the product? If the product was all white, or had little beads of white “pearls” added to the product, what benefit or experience could those little beads bring to the party? What if the product was delivered in round, pearl-like structures – how would that reinforce or change the experience of your brand? What if your product was made from “virgin” materials? How would it be perceived differently – healthier? sustainable? premium?
Many manufacturers beyond the candy industry take advantage of seasonal promotions to create interest and draw attention to their product at the point of purchase during the various holidays. I have to admit as a consumer, special holiday packaging DOES draw my attention to the brand – I guess it’s just human nature to look. International Delight® and Kleenex® have done a great job taking advantage of “dressing up” their products around the holidays.
The International Delight package has been transformed into a polar bear, a penguin, and even a nutcracker in the winter to promote its new limited edition holiday flavors like Almond Toffee or Vanilla Spiced Rum. Although Kleenex continues to regularly feature holiday designs, they have also been known to add interesting package shapes to the mix, particularly with their triangular watermelon package.
How could being DRESSED-UP transform your business or help you create totally new products? Here’s a few thoughts to get you started:
1. Personal care items like moisturizers or shaving gels with added shimmer and shine to the formula would give teens or women a feeling of specialness when using the product. What about other ways to add “bling” to your product or package for an extra special feeling?
2. Kids soaps or bath gels could come to life with a few wardrobe changes in fun rain slicker designs and patterns to make bath time more enjoyable.
3. Peanut Butter could provide recipe ideas to dress up that standard peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Give it some seasonal flare – like a peanut butter & cranberry sandwich during the Fall and peanut butter & banana in the Summer.
4. Paints could promote limited edition colors that capture the essence of the season. Spring showers and First Frost are just a few ways to bring the seasons to life.
There’s plenty to probe on this alphabet letter! Let your imagination lead you down the path to some strong ideas to build your business! Remember, you want to go for quantity first. Then come back later to start evaluating ideas.
Good luck – and keep creating!

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