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Customer Journey Maps

Uncovers Key Triggers and Touch Point Insights

One of the most critical marketing items to have in your brand toolbox is the Customer Journey Map – a step-by-step infographic mapping of all stages of the product or service purchase cycle. This comprehensive tool provides the current “state of your brand” through the shopper’s perspective, detailing a full understanding of the key triggers, decision points and overall purchase experience at various touch points by your target customer. This touch point insight analysis reveals if you are delivering on your brand promise and provides insights into creating a more engaging customer experience.

Customer Experience Survey

Customer Experience Survey

We examine each step and /or touch point, then go deep to identify all key drivers and motivators  (rationale and emotional) for buying either your product or that of your competitors. We begin with the aha! moment when the need or want strikes a consumer’s psyche, to the store selection process, home usage experience, and finally, the disposal of the product. We also highlight which touch points are critical “moments of truth” that can affect the overall brand experience.


Reveals Pivotal Innovation Opportunities

Each step of the Customer Experience Survey is robust and ripe with vital information that reveals immediate corrective actions and unlocks pivotal innovation opportunities to drive business growth, market leadership, and profits. More importantly, these opportunities when acted upon, will improve your brand’s relationship with the target customer, strengthening their brand loyalty through more engaging interactions, and potentially being more buzzworthy through their network of social media connections.


Speeds Development of Profitable , Strategic Ideas & Solutions

This robust touch point insights tool has also been used to better understand key competitors in the marketplace.  And let’s not forget the value to retailers wanting to better understand their customer’s  total shopping experience – from parking their car, entering the store, finding, selecting and purchasing their items, to loading them into their car and heading home. These insights can directly translate to:  1) enhancing the store environment through more attractive, relevant messaging, improved access to merchandising displays, or more intuitive navigational signage, 2) increasing foot traffic through current and/or new customers, and 3) generating higher ticket sales and store profits through improved inventory location and/or selection.


Consumer-centric, Versatile, Actionable Innovation Tool

Customer Journey Maps / Customer Experience Survey are typically created utilizing ethnography research, but in some cases, they can be completed as a collaborative workshop experience. The deliverable is an electronic step-by-step visual/verbal infographic treasure map outlining touch point insights, consumer goals at each touch point, brand implications, as well as innovation opportunities and initial ideas.


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Customer Experience Survey