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Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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We are now up to the letter “W” in our Creative Thinking Made Easy: 26 Ways to find Innovation Inspiration from A-Z” book series.

“W is for Wrap.” This is an interesting area because WRAPS give us lots of different areas to explore with our creative thinking – Plastic WRAPS, Shrink WRAPS, Bubble WRAPS, Paper WRAPS – even edible Sandwich WRAPS! Let’s get started exploring this word for clues on how we can innovate with WRAPS.

WRAP is defined as:
• To cover (something) by winding or folding a piece of material around it
• To put (your arms, legs, etc.) around someone or something
• To arrange paper or soft material around (someone or something), typically as a covering or for warmth or protection
• The end of a session of filming or recording

Just by looking at the definitions, there are a lot of positive things that you can infer about something that is WRAPPED. Tapping into our creative thinking, WRAPS OR WRAPPING might be the benefit of an ingredient formulation, or the reason to believe a formulation would actually work. We see this term being used in the hair care category in context to certain ingredients or vitamins and/or conditioners – they WRAP and penetrate the hair shaft to create healthy, manageable hair. We also see WRAPPING two very different flavors together for a totally new eating experience.

Let’s talk a little more about PACKAGING WRAPS. It appears they have dual intentions. There is no-doubt that WRAPS draw attention to a product. Often paper WRAPS are used to create the perception of hand-crafted, premium quality. PACKAGING WRAPS are also used simply as protection for the product during shipping. Whatever the reason, there are many examples of the “premium-ness” a simple PACKAGING WRAP can convey.

Let’s consider some examples of INNOVATIVE WRAPS:

lea and perrins

– Lea & Perrins® Worcestershire Sauce – This is the most common recipe ingredient we encounter with a special paper WRAPPER that started merely as protection for the product and has since evolved. Lea & Perrins first started exporting Worcestershire sauce around the world by boat back in 1835. The lengthy and often rough sea voyages caused some of the bottles to break. The practice of WRAPPING each bottle in a paper WRAPPER was meant to protect the bottles. While WRAPPING bottles is no longer necessary, the custom has endured and the WRAP has become an iconic brand equity element that symbolizes the rich heritage and premium quality of the sauce.



– Vehicle WRAPS – From the Geek Squad to local floral shops, smart marketers know that you can spread the word, make an impact, and build awareness about your brand or company for a relatively low investment using vehicle WRAPS for your company fleet. If your vehicles are continually in major metro areas and driving expressways, then vehicle WRAPS are something to definitely consider for your marketing mix. In addition to the WRAPS, the make/model of the vehicles used typically reinforces the brand’s personality.



– Therapeutic WRAPS – Whether using heat or cold, therapeutic WRAPS offer the promise of temporary relief from minor muscular aches and joint pains to a targeted area of the body. Available as single-use or reusable WRAPS, they are typically found in the pain relief aisle. Think about ways you could use a WRAP to target a specific area of the body or item in the household, depending on your specific product. Is there a way to incorporate a WRAP into your product line that would make sense or provide a unique benefit to your customers? What about a hair WRAP – could more “contact time” or the natural heat of your scalp help certain ingredients penetrate deeper for better benefits? What about a skin wrap – could that provide eczema or psoriasis relief, or even severe dry skin relief in winter months?



– Gift WRAPS – Gift-giving is a great way to seasonally promote your products. Chocolate and candy manufacturers have been producing boxed chocolates like Hershey’s Pot of Gold, Godiva gift chocolates, and pre-WRAPPED Whitman’s boxed chocolates for everyday gift-giving as well as the major holidays – and they have been doing it for years. It can be as simple as adding a decorative holiday sleeve to your product, a singular strip of printed paperboard, or even just a festive ribbon. Think about ways that your product could be given as a gift – does it need to be sized smaller for use as a stocking stuffer or to fit in an Easter basket, or should it have a bigger presence, more in line with a festive box of chocolates? As Baby Boomers get older and have more and more friends, family, and grandchildren to buy for, this should be a consideration for your marketing mix. Many retailers are open to special holiday displays, or have specific seasonal/holiday gift-giving aisles set up to draw customer attention and impulse purchases.

We hope we provided some interesting thoughts to spark your creative thinking for how to incorporate INNOVATIVE WRAPS or PACKAGING WRAPS into your product line. So how can we translate WRAPS into your marketing campaign or product portfolio? Next time you go to the store, walk down different aisles and observe how various WRAPS are being used. Flip through magazines and look at the ads – particularly in women’s magazines. You might be surprised to see that WRAPPING is an interesting way to communicate a product benefit or reason to believe, or as a way to get attention for your product. We hope you will discover several new ways to use WRAP in your marketing efforts.

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