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Concept Writing  eMerge®

Turning ideas into top scoring concepts

Strong custom concept writing is a critical step often overlooked in the upfront innovation process. Your new product and service ideas only get one chance to make a good impression in the initial concept screening process.  Innovation ROI is expert in identifying the key potential of your ideas and helping them eMerge®  as  strong, top–scoring marketable concepts.

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Maximize Your  Innovation Investment

Many good ideas get stuck in a filing cabinet due to poor concept writing, because they were not positioned nor described in an intriguing, provocative or consumer-friendly manner. That means thousands of wasted innovation dollars, a frustrated Marketing team, and limited ideas in the pipeline.  The Innovation ROI Concept Writing Services team generates strong  custom concept writing that will “win” with consumers through various methods:

1. Concept Optimization

We will polish and improve existing written concepts or craft initial concepts from the seeds of ideas you’ve developed.  Should supporting visuals be needed, we are staffed with highly trained structural and graphic designers who bring the concept to life for  further consumer clarity.

2. Idea Mining

We believe that past ideation work is a goldmine for ideas that may have been overlooked or are “ahead of their time.”  We review the outcomes from past ideation sessions and qualitative  research tapes to glean new insights that can lead to new ideas.

3. Qualitative Research Maximization

We will attend scheduled qualitative research to write concepts on the spot in reaction to consumer verbatim.  This method allows you to bring ideas directly into the room for immediate evaluation, maximizing your research dollars while potentially uncovering innovation platforms or whitespace opportunities for future growth.

Experience = Results

The Innovation ROI team has written well over 15,000 concepts to date, allowing us to hone our skills to become masters of the “consumer voice.”  Through our concept writing we have an honest conversation with the consumer so that they fully understand the idea being presented and can evaluate their purchase decision in the  absolute. We know which words will trigger “red flags” with your target, and which words tend to drive interest and purchase scores.  As a result, many of our concepts consistently score in the Top 2 Box range of BASES testing.

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