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Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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I just took a road trip and was reminded of the joke about the man that was lost but wouldn’t stop to ask for directions. Well, I’m sure this isn’t a true gender difference, just a personality difference. Many people are just more comfortable to “go it alone” for a variety of reasons – maybe it’s a fear of being vulnerable, or maybe it’s a trust issue fearing criticism and failure, or maybe they just aren’t a people-person.
If you fall in this camp, please, please, please reconsider what you are missing. Tapping into the wisdom of a mentor, coach, master mind, or team of individuals to help you achieve a personal goal or solve a business challenge is the BEST way to achieve success. Not only will you get there faster, but it is much more fun to have others by your side on your journey.

Collaboration is Genius

This phenomenon is most evident in brainstorming sessions. A diverse group of thinkers will outperform a single person in the quality and quantity of ideas created. Think of it this way – two heads are better than one. You are tapping into the brains of many people who have been trained in many different fields of study and have had many different experiences in their life. A group , a Collaboration is Genius is therefore going to be smarter at solving key issues than a single person or single brain. This is sometimes referred to as Group Genius – and with it, you will be unstoppable!
Many of the wealthiest, most successful men in the history of our country – Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Charles Schwab, Henry Ford – surrounded themselves with smart people (even some smarter than themselves) to collaborate on various business problems. When you have been working on a problem by yourself, you sometimes get so caught in the details that it can be difficult to “see” the obvious. Outsider thinking will help you “see the forest through the trees” which is why many corporations spend money hiring outside consultants for a fresh perspective.
I believe that we can accomplish any goal if we stay focused and collaborate as a team. It’s the secret to success for all challenges in this world – big or small. Don’t hold yourself back – get a group together and accomplish something great!
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