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We are moving right along in our dictionary.  If you are new to the posts, we are continuing in our series of creativity tips based on using the dictionary as inspiration for new product ideas.

C is for “Condense.”

One definition is “reduce in volume, area, or scope.”  Another is “to become denser or more compact or concentrated.”  Other descriptors include “abridge, thicken.”

If your product was CONDENSED, how would that make your product different? What benefit could it give consumers?  Would it perform differently?  Would it give your customer a different experience?  How would it change the look of your product?  Would it create interest and attention at the point of purchase?

Manufacturers of laundry detergents have created concentrated formulas requiring you to use less product in the washing machine. Campbell’s Condensed soups have become a classic ingredient for casseroles and other meal-time recipes. We even see this continuing trend in the technology sector with the invention of CDs, DVDs, jump drives, smart phones, and smaller and smaller computer laptops.

How could being CONDENSED transform your business or help you create totally new products?  Here’s a few thoughts to get you started:

  1. Personal care items like shampoo and conditioner typically come in large bottles for the home.  Could a “just add water” technology make these products smaller, more compact, so they become travel-friendly sizes?
  2. Diapers take up a lot of room at home and in diaper bags.  How would the category change if diapers could be as thin as paper towels by sucking all the air out of the product similar to the storage bags that reduce the volume of air to dramatically reduce the storage space?
  3. Could CONDENSING paint transform the product or category?

Let  your imagination wander a bit to create some strong contenders for your business! Remember, you want to go for quantity first.  Then come back later to start evaluating ideas.

Good luck – and keep creating!

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