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Marketing Plan



Post Written By Sandie Glass, Owner of Innovation ROI

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When you need to develop new product ideas, sometimes finding inspiration is as easy as looking around and grabbing the first thing you see.  Marketing Strategy – It can be a magazine, a sign, an image, or even a display at a retail store. Another easy tip is to pick up the dictionary and randomly open it and look at a word.

Marketing plan

Today’s word is “Addition.”  One definition is “the act or process of joining together or uniting.” What ingredient, benefit, flavor, technology or experience could you ADD to your product that would be intriguing to your target consumer?  What problem in the category could you solve by ADDING just one thing? What would set you apart from your competition and truly differentiate you on shelf if you ADDED this item?  What partners or alliances would be a natural fit for your product if you ADDED them to your marketing plan?

Now your brain is revving up and spinning wildly!  Keep an idea journal nearby so you can capture all your thoughts and ideas.  Go for quantity – even the slightest thought can be translated into a bigger idea afterwards.  Keep the journal open for an entire afternoon or evening.  It takes time to let your thoughts simmer in order to get to the rich, robust ideas.  Then look back at your list with fresh eyes and evaluate them based on your gut feel.  You might want to type up your thoughts and share them with a colleague to get an independent evaluation from a fresh perspective.  Remember, quantity first, then quality later.  We’re sure you’ll come up with a few great ideas from the list!  Good luck!

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