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Innovation Cafe PodcastWelcome to the introductory episode of The Innovation Cafe Podcast!

I am Sandie Glass, the founder and host of The Innovation Cafe Podcast and I’m delighted to share the innovation knowledge I’ve accumulated over of my 22-year marketing and innovation consulting career as well as the personal experiences and knowledge of other innovation experts, strategists, and thought leaders from diverse roles (Design, Structural Design, Market Research, Creativity, Semiotics, Trends, etc.) and industries.

This particular episode focuses on the Who, Why, and What behind the development of Innovation Cafe.

You will see that this show is designed to be all about YOU – for the dreamers, thinkers and doers. It’s my desire to provide value – to provide quick bits of proven and actionable information and insights that will help spark new thinking, and to help you achieve the innovation success you want and deserve. Listen-in to learn tips, tricks, and techniques to achieve innovation success faster by more effectively getting to the Big Ideas that will connect with your target audience and create market success and ROI.

I’m hoping for listeners that have a desire to learn, the willingness to practice a few simple creative techniques, and the desire to become an Innovation Rock Star! If that’s you, then let’s get started!

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Hello and welcome to Episode 1 of Innovation Café where you will learn why we started this podcast and what we hope you will take away from it each week.

Welcome to the Innovation Café podcast. I am the founder and host, Sandie Glass.

I’m so honored and excited to be launching this podcast and starting this journey. I wanted to share a little personal information about myself, why I was so determined and passionate about getting this podcast launched, and what my hopes are for everybody listening each week.

So a little bit about my background. I started my career at Procter &Gamble which is the holy grail in terms of marketing training. And it didn’t disappoint, it was an incredible experience. There’s something to be said about working with very smart people – many that are smarter than yourself! I had many opportunities to participate in new product launches while working in various Divisions, products like Pert Shampoo, Wondra Skin Lotion and the NutraSweet introduction of Diet Crush and Diet Hires Root Beer. You probably noticed that at least one of these products doesn’t exist anymore – that’s exactly what happens. Some products simply don’t make it – and we’ll be talking about that may or may not happen in another Innovation Café episode but I thought it was worth mentioning now.

OK, so back to my story. Then getting married and starting a family changed my priorities and I found myself torn between that work/life balance.

I made the tough decision to leave P&G for a start-up company in Cincinnati, an innovation firm called Eureka! where I became Vice President/Creative Director. There I quickly realized the power of creative problem solving and the problems corporations were experiencing in the fuzzy front end of developing a new product pipeline.  I’m talking about Fortune 500 companies like Nike, Disney, AT&T, Pepsi – the big guys that are suppose to have all the answers. To say I became hooked is an understatement. I loved tackling the business challenges and helping these corporate teams unleash their creativity to create exciting new, successful product ideas. I had found my calling as a Creative Solutionator.

Then came the opportunity to start my own business in 1997. It started as Sandstorm, and then we went through a rebranding a year or so ago, now with the name InnovationROI – which stands for not only a return on investment, but a return on insights. You can find us on the web at www.innovationroi.com. While you are there, sign up for our complimentary report “The 5 Biggest Brainstorming Mistakes” and receive future informative newsletters.

Now with being in the innovation business for over 22 years, I’ve not only learned some hard lessons, but I’ve become a student on the subject – constantly attending webinars and events learning and seeking new and better ways to uncover insights, generate ideas, and obtain actionable concept evaluation.

I’m now turning my innovation passion into podcast episodes to share with you each week. Episodes will cover the front and back end of innovation – coming up with an amazing new product is great, but it doesn’t mean anything if a customer doesn’t buy it. Some episodes will be interviews with authors, innovation leaders, or subject-matter experts in particular fields like design, research, packaging, while other Innovation Café episodes will be book reviews, case studies, or something that I feel is important, relevant and worth sharing. But all will be short and succinct – around 15 minutes in length give or take a few – because we know your time is precious. Any of you that already know me, know that keeping these podcasts short and sweet is going to be a personal challenge because I love talking about these topics.

While there is no magic pill, nor ONE SIZE FITS ALL for achieving innovation success, there are interesting new research technologies to utilize, new facilitation techniques and experiential creative training to try, as well as learning from other industries. You just never know what may trigger a connection to unlock new solutions for your current business challenges. And many times opportunities just present themselves “out of the blue” – I’m sure many of you have heard that expression before when it comes to innovation. But those epiphanies are the connections that we hope to trigger in your brains with these episodes.

This is my hope for this podcast – that you will take away something new or be reminded of something each week that will help you avoid the frustration, fear, and failure we often experience in our innovation efforts, to get you closer to the innovation success you seek and deserve.

Stay tuned next week to begin your innovation journey. And if you like what you hear, please subscribe to this Innovation Café podcast and leave me both a Rating & a Review! Doing so will give you a chance to win a $25 gift card to Starbucks or Target. We will be doing this each month to kick off our podcast launch.  It would be an honor to have you in my “Tribe” and for you to consider me a trusted innovation resource.